Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Generic Line Infantry Brigade, 1812-1814

Painted between November 2013 and June 2014, this is a 4 battalions strong Brigade of line infantry totalling 96 miniatures - representing a 1920-strong Brigade at the usual 1:20 ratio. These are Calpe Miniatures, in 'route march' pose.

Calpe are great, great quality miniatures. Detail and historical accuracy are unbeatable. They are slightly bigger and Perrys miniatures, but well worth having in a collection. And also, what a variety of miniatures! There may be more than 50 different models in there (!!). Check the Calpe Miniatures website if you don't know this range yet.

I used washes heavily on these. I am not sure I would do it again, but it definitely helped painting faster.

One regiment (two battalions) has uncovered s hakos. Note that the 1st battalions of a regiment can be identified to the Eagle guard (two men with halberds) and plain pompoms. The 2nd battalion has a white patch in the pompom. They would be also more easily identified if the flags/fanions were not covered!

The other regiment has covered shakos. I thought I would keep some uniformity across the regiments - I already went for a mix of greatcoat and trousers colours.

And for views of the full brigade (as on all photos, click to enlarge):

The only downside to the Calpe range is that there are no skirmishers (yet) nor generals (yet).

Last thing to mention, the basing: 15mm frontage, 40x30mm magnetic bases (for transport). I also got movement trays from http://war-bases.co.uk, on which I should eventually stick some metallic tape.


  1. Beautiful! You did those Calpe figures proud.

    1. yes Calpe are a joy to paint - maybe I should paint another brigade some day, maybe their March-Attack range!? tempting!

  2. Very impressive, an excellent job!