Sunday, 27 September 2015

7th Cuirassier, part 2

About 3 weeks into this regiment, I have completed the command stand of the 7th Cuirassier (Colonel, trumpetter and Eagle bearer) and started working on one more cuirassier. So here are some photos of the work so far.

I gave the Colonel a black horse.

The trumpetter: as usual it took ages to achieve a satisfying results on the horse grey! also, that was a lot of yellow on the uniform... a pain to paint: over a black priming it takes at least two layers!

And the Eagle bearer. Note the flag has not been glued yet.

 The last few photos are WIP, and may be the most interesting. They show how I first prime black and drybrush in grey, then paint the horse, then paint the rider (barely started here).

The experienced eye will notice that I painted a number (the 7) on the saddle cloth where we often have a grenade (as in my other three Cuirassier regiments). I thought it would add variety.

Monday, 21 September 2015

7th Cuirassier, part 1

And here comes the 7th Cuirassier. This two squadrons strong regiment only had 180 men. This makes 9 miniatures - a small regiment indeed.

It is just as well: painting yellow can be difficult, and yellow is the distinctive colour here. As usual, I added an epaulette to the officer to promote him to colonel, and I replaced the flag pole.

This regiment, together with the 12th, will wrap up the 2nd Brigade of the 13th Division. I have kept the smallest regiment for the end, this helps when motivation and stamina are getting lower :)

As I was preparing this miniatures, I also prepared the Brigade General stand. I converted an officer into an ADC: I am not entirely happy with the outcome: the right shoulder it slightly too high - hopefully no one will notice...

Now... to the paintbrushes!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

12th Cuirassier, part 2

So I eventually got round this 12th Cuirassier. Holidays and family matters meant this regiment was painted at yet slower pace than usual. As mentioned before, these 12 horses make up two squadron.

I enjoyed painting this unit though. I gave it a bit of a 'rough' touch, with various trouser colours and missing cuirasses. I think the pink colour came up nicely (pink distinguishes the 12th regiment).

Flag by GMB as usual. The bases are magnetised. Basing will be completed at a later data, with the rest of the division, in one go.