Friday, 1 May 2015

4th cuirassier, 1815 (finished!)

Sort of on schedule, I eventually got the 4th cuirassier completed. 15-strong - at the ratio 1:20 this matches the 100 days campaign strength (314 men). The distinctive colour of this regiment is orange.

Perry miniatures (all metals). Flag from GMB designs. Based as the 1st cuirassier: 75x60mm bases (25mm frontage per horse)

The battle honours for the 4th cuirassier are Essling and Wagram. I replaced the original flag pole with a piece brass rod. The Perry Miniatures connoisseur may also spot that I added an epaulette to the officer right shoulder (to make him a colonel).

Next, I shall paint a command stand for the completed brigade, before moving to the 12th cuirassier. See the diagram below for a reminder of this overall project objectives!

I shall take photos of the full brigade once the General de Brigade stand is done.