Thursday, 22 December 2016

Late 2016 update

It is now nearly 6 months into my 2nd infantry Brigade project. Progress has been slow, but steady. Of four 24-strong battalions, I am close to having finished two.

So first is the 1st battalion of the 35th line infantry regiment, dressed in the 1812 (Bardin) regulation. Calpe Miniatures, 28mm. GMB designs flag. War-bases MDF bases.

Next is the 2nd battalion (recognisable to the white flag and the absence of Eagle). Four bases are done out of the six needed.

The last 8 miniatures are well under way. The basic colours have been blocked and a sepia wash applied. The officer only is finished (note that it required very little washing, since I wanted the white of his uniform to be proper clean).

Well, that's is for 2016. I will definitely finish this regiment in the New Year, but let us see what my new year resolutions will be. Stick with the division goal, or take a break with a completely different unit? We shall see! Any suggestion?