Monday, 4 July 2016

Generic Infantry Division 1812-1815: roadmap

I thought I should share my plan for my French infantry Division, based on the Brigade I painted a couple of years back - see link for a reminder.

the 1st Brigade, painted in 2013-2014 - but not based.
My goals are the following:
- paint a 2nd Brigade of identical size (four 24-strong battalions)
- make it one line regiment plus one light regiment (two battalions each)
- keep the same painting style (use of washes)
- add a four guns battery (and a limber)
- add generals
- add some vignettes - namely a regimental band, and a detached pioneers section.

The resulting plan is summed up on the diagram below. Note that the 1st Brigade, highlighter in grey (general excepted), is already painted, but not based.

click on picture to enlarge

Ideally I will use Calpe Miniatures only. I say ideally because gunners, generals and staff are yet to be released. Guns are available, but the limber is not. I will use Perry Miniatures to complement the Calpe range if needs be - I would not loose in quality, but the style is quite different.

This project could well last me over a year. I have two very demanding little girls to care for after all (!!). If I run out of stamina, I could well see the two vignettes go. And even the limber. We shall see how fast (or should I say how slow!) I get on with my four battalions. Wish me good luck!