Monday, 5 June 2017

Sharp practice, part 1

It is time for a temporary change of project, of more modest (i.e. manageable) size. At the local wargames club (which I have joined recently) 28mm Sharp Practice 2 is played, while 28mm 'grand manner' games aren't. Therefore it makes sense for me to paint up a French skirmish side, for which I have drawn some plans and started working on them already.

There will be:
- four 8-strong fusiliers units
- two 6-strong voltigeurs units
- three foot officers
- one fusilier NCO

48 miniatures in total. We shall see if, in time, I add a cavalry unit, or a gun; a drummer or a flag bearer. I have chosen the pre-1812 Perry Miniatures range. Fusiliers will all be part of the 2nd company of their regiment - the pompoms will be blue - which makes sense if I one day add a flag (since it is carried by the 2nd company of the battalion).

I have painted the first 10 men already this May. Which allows a closer look at the Perry Miniatures FN158 pack (fusiliers, march attack). A nice diversity of poses, I think.

FN158 pack, front view

FN158 pack, back view
And a few group shots of the first fusiliers unit, lead by an NCO and a captain. Wow, these took longer to paint than anticipated. So much lining! I almost miss greatcoats! But they really look good.

NCO and captain
first unit done!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Light infantry battalion, 1813

The following unit has been painted in late January through to mid April. It represents the third battalion in my planned brigade and a switch to light infantry. The main distinction with the line infantry is the silver replacing the gold on uniforms (buttons, epaulettes, shako plaques). I have also painted several trousers in blue to increase the 'light' feeling. Basing is left until the whole division is painted. I also need to order a 1812-1814 flag from GMB designs.

The miniatures are Calpe Miniatures, French in March Attack range.

front view
rear view

4th company (left) and voltigeurs (right)

2nd (left) and 3rd company (right)

grenadiers (left) and 1st company (right)

heavy backpack!
The following shots show the Brigade so far, that is 75% done. The remaining light battalion figures are sitting in the cupboard and will remain so for some months, since I need a change from greatcoats for a little while! Note the empty sabot on the first picture.

I am pleased with the result, and when looking back at my Division plans I feel that I have achieved a lot. My guess is that I will paint the remaining battalion next Winter... but for now I will switch to a skirmish force. More on this in a post to follow!