Sunday, 4 June 2017

Light infantry battalion, 1813

The following unit has been painted in late January through to mid April. It represents the third battalion in my planned brigade and a switch to light infantry. The main distinction with the line infantry is the silver replacing the gold on uniforms (buttons, epaulettes, shako plaques). I have also painted several trousers in blue to increase the 'light' feeling. Basing is left until the whole division is painted. I also need to order a 1812-1814 flag from GMB designs.

The miniatures are Calpe Miniatures, French in March Attack range.

front view
rear view

4th company (left) and voltigeurs (right)

2nd (left) and 3rd company (right)

grenadiers (left) and 1st company (right)

heavy backpack!
The following shots show the Brigade so far, that is 75% done. The remaining light battalion figures are sitting in the cupboard and will remain so for some months, since I need a change from greatcoats for a little while! Note the empty sabot on the first picture.

I am pleased with the result, and when looking back at my Division plans I feel that I have achieved a lot. My guess is that I will paint the remaining battalion next Winter... but for now I will switch to a skirmish force. More on this in a post to follow!


  1. @Blancard, je trouve le mélange des couleurs (capotes, pantalons)très réussi. Je suis en train de travailler sur un projet d'infanterie légère (Three armies, tenue réglementaire)mais j'avoue préférer les tenues de campagne et votre style de peinture fait vraiment ressortir la qualité des figurines Calpe, encore merci pour le partage ;o)

    1. En effet, j'ai utilisé plus de nuances de gris qu'à l'habitude. Merci pour le compliment!