Sunday, 8 November 2015

13th Division, 2nd Brigade

With the 7th and 12th regiments done, all that was left to complete the Brigade was a command stand. Here is General Travers and his aide de camp (ADC).

The ADC is a modified officer, on a trooper horse. As I had no uniform reference, I took an artistic license...

Here are some views of the completed Brigade. It is a small Brigade with only 4 squadrons. The 12th (pink facing) is to the left, the 7th (yellow) to the right.

All Perry miniatures (and all metals), painted between late May and early November 2015. Flags by GMB designs. Bases by Warbases. As in the 1st Brigade, I allowed 25mm frontage per horse.

I will base all the Division at the same time to get a uniform rendering across all units.

7th Cuirassier, part 3

And here is the 7th Cuirassier completed! In 1815 it totalled 180 men for 2 squadrons. At 1:20 ratio, that makes 9 miniatures. That is the smallest cuirassier regiment in the French army at that date.

Colonel Richardot does not seem very happy to be photographed!