Wednesday, 20 April 2016

New project

Given that I already have a 1812-1814 French infantry brigade (see here), I have decided to paint another one. This is the quickest route towards mustering a division I could wargame with.

The first brigade was using the Calpe miniatures 'route marche' range. Out of the 96 miniatures I painted, there were over 50 different poses. Such a wide range of miniatures... call if Calpe madness, I think this is amazing :)

Since then, the 'march attack' range has been added. And it got even more crazy. I will have 96 different miniatures in my 96-strong brigade! There are even more available, but I'll stick with four 24-men battalions. And if I still have energy in the end, I will add the 'tete de colonne' vignettes.

I've ordered the first 24 fusiliers. As usual, little flash and strong bayonets. I only spotted one moulding issue: a half missing pompom, which will easily get fixed using green stuff.

I've decided to compare Perry vs Calpe size, in case it interests anyone. I had a Perry NCO in greatcoat in hand and used it in the comparison. See for yourself:

Calpe left, Perry right

Calpe left, Perry right

Calpe left, Perry right

Height is similar. Maybe an extra mm for the Calpe. But Calpe is definitely thicker - I find the Perry more realistic, but the details are crispier on the Calpe. Also, I think the Calpe rifles look great!

This may well keep me busy for the rest of 2016. Oh and yes, I still have my four Cuirassiers regiments to base! (see here)

Monday, 18 April 2016

Horse artillery battery, 1815

Here is a horse artillery battery to complement the 13th Cavalry division. In 1815 it was four 6-pounders and two howitzers strong. At the 1:2 ratio (General de Brigade rules) this makes 3 guns. I have added a limber.

All miniatures are Perry. Bases by Warbases. Guns are based on 60x80mm bases, the limber on a 50x180mm base: this looks right, plus it allows the limber to be right behind the battery! This was prime, painted and based between late January and mid April.

In theory there should been 6 horse for a horse artillery limber, but the Perry Miniatures set comes with 4. Oh well, that saved some time!