Friday, 20 July 2018

Sharp Practice part 6 - Artillery

back in Spring I ordered a gun and 6-crew from Brigade Games in the US. Excellent service (no customs issue, fast delivery), very good sculpts by the famous Paul Hicks. The only decent 28mm pre-1812 uniforms I could find in metal (surprisingly, the Perrys don't do them!).

The Perrys anyway offer 4-strong gun crews, while the Sharp Practice rules require 6 - so that's another thumb up for Brigade Games.

The sabot base is from

Painted in May 2018

Renegade Indians

Another quick distraction from my Napoleonic projects: some 'Renegade Indians' (28mm) by Great Escape Games, for the Dead Man's Hand ruleset. A nice little game - easy to learn, and very entertaining. Well, especially if someone (not me 😇) provides lovely scenery to complement the battle board!


Painted in February 2018.

Anglo-Danish warband

In the last couple of months I have been distracted by a side project - an Anglo-Danish Saga warband (Saga is played regularly at my local wargaming club). I ordered the miniatures from Warlord Games but these are the former Saxon Miniatures range.

On the website they are listed as:
Saxon Huscarls with Dane Axe (x8)
Saxon Ceorls A (x8)
Saxon Ceorls B (x8)
Saxon Leaders - Battle of Hastings

Which make up in the Saga rules for two units of Heathguard (with Danish Axe), two of Warriors (with Spears), and the leader.

For a while I contemplated ordering transfers for the shield and a flag. Eventually I decided to hand paint it all - which proved to be quite a challenge! The flag is made of a wine bottle metal header.

Painted in April-July 2018

Monday, 19 March 2018

Sharp Practice part 5 - the 15th Dragon

I wanted some cavalry for my Sharp Practice project. For the Spanish theatre, it had to be dragoons. Perry Miniatures offers a choice of 12 (!) metal codes for pre-1812 dragoons. I picked galloping sets, rather than charging, rolled coat or galloping, overall or standing horses. I needed eight privates and an officer - therefore I did not paint any trumpeter of Eagle bearer.

I picked the 15th because it served in Spain and because one does not see pink facing that often, at least this is the first time I use pink facings in my armies! Which actually was not at all a 'girly' colour back in the day, but that is another story...  

I decided to base them in pairs to facilitate  handling on a gaming table. Being metals, they are to heavy in my mind to use with slotted sabots. I shall order a mix of tufts to complete the bases. Bases are 50mm (width) by 60mm (depth) - the frontage is therefore 25mm, which matches my cuirassiers collection.

I used washes only on faces and I am happy with the result. Vallejo's pink may be a bit too flashy/cartoony but I can live with that. They were painting over a 6 weeks period in early 2018.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Infantry Division WIP, 1813

A quick view of the finished 2nd Brigade: there are not two identical miniatures amongst those 96!!!

Infantry Brigade

And a couple of shots of the division as it stands. Eight battalions (six of line infantry plus two of light infantry), missing command stands and a foot artillery battery.

Infantry Division (1)
These eight battalions make up a very generic French Infantry division for the 1813 and 1814 campaigns in Germany and France respectively. Flags and cockades got a updated design indeed in 1815.

Infantry Division (2)
Having gone so far into this Division project, I cannot wait until Calpe Miniatures release their French artillery crew and command groups. The bases will be textured/painted once the division is entirely assembled.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Light Infantry Battalion, 1813

And here the 2nd battalion of the 17th Légère, painted in December-January. This the last unit in my planned infantry division, and as planned it is rather ragged (four forage caps, four heads without headgear.

As far as painting is concerned, on this unit I only used metallic paints on muskets and sabres, preferring the use of Vallejo Sky Grey for shako plates, buttons, epaulettes, etc. Note that I was short of an ADC to guard the fanion and used a spare pioneer instead.

The miniatures are by Calpe Miniatures, from the French in March Attack range. The flag is by GMB designs. Based 4 figures to a 40mmx30mm base (i.e. 15mm frontage).


I need to take pictures of the eight battalions together. I also hope for Calpe to release their Generals packs as well as their gunners packs - I can't wait for them!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Sharp practice, part 4

Back in early December I finished putting together this Sharp Practice French force. This represents the "French Regulars to 1812" army list for the Peninsular War (4x8 fusiliers, 2x6 voltigeurs, 1 NCO, 3 officer - see the Sharp Practice rulebook), plus a musician and a flag bearer.

The figures (all Perry Miniatures) are based on 20mm mdf bases. I'm also using sabots from - I need to order some tufts to finalize the bases. The flag is by GMB designs. I took a pictures with my smartphone, which turned out ok.



French force

'Big men' and support (front)

'Big men' and support (back)
Hopefully these will reach the gaming table in the soon future at my local wargaming club. I also consider the following extensions to this force:
 - 8 dragoons plus one officer (Perry Miniatures metals figures)
- 1 foot artillery gun with a 5-men crew plus one officer (possible Brigade Games, unfortunately to be ordered from the USA)

Thanks for reading!