Thursday, 22 December 2016

Late 2016 update

It is now nearly 6 months into my 2nd infantry Brigade project. Progress has been slow, but steady. Of four 24-strong battalions, I am close to having finished two.

So first is the 1st battalion of the 35th line infantry regiment, dressed in the 1812 (Bardin) regulation. Calpe Miniatures, 28mm. GMB designs flag. War-bases MDF bases.

Next is the 2nd battalion (recognisable to the white flag and the absence of Eagle). Four bases are done out of the six needed.

The last 8 miniatures are well under way. The basic colours have been blocked and a sepia wash applied. The officer only is finished (note that it required very little washing, since I wanted the white of his uniform to be proper clean).

Well, that's is for 2016. I will definitely finish this regiment in the New Year, but let us see what my new year resolutions will be. Stick with the division goal, or take a break with a completely different unit? We shall see! Any suggestion?

Monday, 4 July 2016

Generic Infantry Division 1812-1815: roadmap

I thought I should share my plan for my French infantry Division, based on the Brigade I painted a couple of years back - see link for a reminder.

the 1st Brigade, painted in 2013-2014 - but not based.
My goals are the following:
- paint a 2nd Brigade of identical size (four 24-strong battalions)
- make it one line regiment plus one light regiment (two battalions each)
- keep the same painting style (use of washes)
- add a four guns battery (and a limber)
- add generals
- add some vignettes - namely a regimental band, and a detached pioneers section.

The resulting plan is summed up on the diagram below. Note that the 1st Brigade, highlighter in grey (general excepted), is already painted, but not based.

click on picture to enlarge

Ideally I will use Calpe Miniatures only. I say ideally because gunners, generals and staff are yet to be released. Guns are available, but the limber is not. I will use Perry Miniatures to complement the Calpe range if needs be - I would not loose in quality, but the style is quite different.

This project could well last me over a year. I have two very demanding little girls to care for after all (!!). If I run out of stamina, I could well see the two vignettes go. And even the limber. We shall see how fast (or should I say how slow!) I get on with my four battalions. Wish me good luck!

Monday, 6 June 2016

200th Waterloo anniversary project finished...

... only one year late!

But the division is now all based!

13th Cavalry Division, 1815
13th Cavalry Division, 1815
1st Horse Artillery Regiment (5th Company) and 1st Artillery Train Squadron (8th Company)
1st Brigade (1st and 4th Cuirassiers)
2nd Brigade (7th and 12th Cuirassiers)
1st Cuirassiers (4 squadrons)
12th Cuirassier (2 squadrons)
Maréchal de France Michel NEY, duc d'Elchingen, prince de La Moskowa, Left wing Commander
Lieutenant-Général Pierre WATIER, comte de Saint-Alphonse, 13th Division Commander
Maréchal de Camp Jacques Charles DUBOIS, baron de Thimville, 1st Brigade Commander
Maréchal de Camp Etienne Jacques TRAVERS, baron de Jever, 2nd Brigade Commander
I am really pleased with this Division - not only because I think Cuirassiers look great, but also because I managed this almost two years long project without loosing focus. Let us hope I manage my next project just as well! (an Infantry Brigade, see link)

I hope this experience was interesting for my rare readers - to me this blog is the perfect place to store photos and keep a record of my progress milestones.

May the Division meet a gaming table one day!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

New project

Given that I already have a 1812-1814 French infantry brigade (see here), I have decided to paint another one. This is the quickest route towards mustering a division I could wargame with.

The first brigade was using the Calpe miniatures 'route marche' range. Out of the 96 miniatures I painted, there were over 50 different poses. Such a wide range of miniatures... call if Calpe madness, I think this is amazing :)

Since then, the 'march attack' range has been added. And it got even more crazy. I will have 96 different miniatures in my 96-strong brigade! There are even more available, but I'll stick with four 24-men battalions. And if I still have energy in the end, I will add the 'tete de colonne' vignettes.

I've ordered the first 24 fusiliers. As usual, little flash and strong bayonets. I only spotted one moulding issue: a half missing pompom, which will easily get fixed using green stuff.

I've decided to compare Perry vs Calpe size, in case it interests anyone. I had a Perry NCO in greatcoat in hand and used it in the comparison. See for yourself:

Calpe left, Perry right

Calpe left, Perry right

Calpe left, Perry right

Height is similar. Maybe an extra mm for the Calpe. But Calpe is definitely thicker - I find the Perry more realistic, but the details are crispier on the Calpe. Also, I think the Calpe rifles look great!

This may well keep me busy for the rest of 2016. Oh and yes, I still have my four Cuirassiers regiments to base! (see here)

Monday, 18 April 2016

Horse artillery battery, 1815

Here is a horse artillery battery to complement the 13th Cavalry division. In 1815 it was four 6-pounders and two howitzers strong. At the 1:2 ratio (General de Brigade rules) this makes 3 guns. I have added a limber.

All miniatures are Perry. Bases by Warbases. Guns are based on 60x80mm bases, the limber on a 50x180mm base: this looks right, plus it allows the limber to be right behind the battery! This was prime, painted and based between late January and mid April.

In theory there should been 6 horse for a horse artillery limber, but the Perry Miniatures set comes with 4. Oh well, that saved some time!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

13th Cavalry Division (completed)

Having the command stands done, it is time for a few group photos. In advance, I apologise for the poor light and backdrop - it is not easy to picture a large formation!

The first Brigade (to the left) consists of the 1st and 4th Cuirassier regiments, and the second Brigade (to the right) of the 7th and 12th cuirassiers. Each are commanded by a General de Brigade.

In the front left is the Division commander; and marshal Ney leads the charge (as he did on the 18th of June 1815!).

These were painted between September 2014 and December 2015... not as fast as hoped, but I did not give up! In the next months I should work on a horse artillery to attach to the Division.

Happy new year 2016 to all readers (as rare as they may be :-p)


Heavy Division command

Here is the commander of the 13th (heavy) cavalry division, lieutenant-general Pierre Watier. I attached him an Aide-de-Camp and a trumpeter from the 12th Cuirassier regiment.

As always in the project, these are Perry Miniatures (metal), painted in November 2015.

 They are based on a 75mm circular base from

I am quite pleased with how this lot turned up. I wanted my command stand to be painted last and with extra care.

I ordered a pack of standing cuirassiers just to get the horse I wanted for my trumpeter - I'll find a way to use the spare parts later!

 So these should wrap up the heavy cavalry division project...

or so they should have. I could not resist adding a charging Marechal Ney vignette! I have got to say, this set was a delight to paint and I gave it all my attention. Perry  miniatures of course, painted in December 2015. The sculpts are above the (already high) average Perry quality - the only downside was a moulding issue on AdC Heymes face (the officer in red) which I fixed as well as I could. This must be the highest standard of painting I have achieved to date, it was worth saving it for the end of this project!