Sunday, 10 January 2016

Heavy Division command

Here is the commander of the 13th (heavy) cavalry division, lieutenant-general Pierre Watier. I attached him an Aide-de-Camp and a trumpeter from the 12th Cuirassier regiment.

As always in the project, these are Perry Miniatures (metal), painted in November 2015.

 They are based on a 75mm circular base from

I am quite pleased with how this lot turned up. I wanted my command stand to be painted last and with extra care.

I ordered a pack of standing cuirassiers just to get the horse I wanted for my trumpeter - I'll find a way to use the spare parts later!

 So these should wrap up the heavy cavalry division project...

or so they should have. I could not resist adding a charging Marechal Ney vignette! I have got to say, this set was a delight to paint and I gave it all my attention. Perry  miniatures of course, painted in December 2015. The sculpts are above the (already high) average Perry quality - the only downside was a moulding issue on AdC Heymes face (the officer in red) which I fixed as well as I could. This must be the highest standard of painting I have achieved to date, it was worth saving it for the end of this project!


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