Monday, 6 June 2016

200th Waterloo anniversary project finished...

... only one year late!

But the division is now all based!

13th Cavalry Division, 1815
13th Cavalry Division, 1815
1st Horse Artillery Regiment (5th Company) and 1st Artillery Train Squadron (8th Company)
1st Brigade (1st and 4th Cuirassiers)
2nd Brigade (7th and 12th Cuirassiers)
1st Cuirassiers (4 squadrons)
12th Cuirassier (2 squadrons)
Maréchal de France Michel NEY, duc d'Elchingen, prince de La Moskowa, Left wing Commander
Lieutenant-Général Pierre WATIER, comte de Saint-Alphonse, 13th Division Commander
Maréchal de Camp Jacques Charles DUBOIS, baron de Thimville, 1st Brigade Commander
Maréchal de Camp Etienne Jacques TRAVERS, baron de Jever, 2nd Brigade Commander
I am really pleased with this Division - not only because I think Cuirassiers look great, but also because I managed this almost two years long project without loosing focus. Let us hope I manage my next project just as well! (an Infantry Brigade, see link)

I hope this experience was interesting for my rare readers - to me this blog is the perfect place to store photos and keep a record of my progress milestones.

May the Division meet a gaming table one day!


  1. Brilliant! Very impressive work. Agreed that sticking with the project until done rather than getting distracted is worth celebrating! :)

  2. Fantastic those look amazing. Good luck with the infantry

  3. Thanks you guys for the kind comments!

  4. Happy to see your project terminated, is amazing.

  5. Splendide, mentions spéciale aux officiers pour ma part!