Monday, 21 September 2015

7th Cuirassier, part 1

And here comes the 7th Cuirassier. This two squadrons strong regiment only had 180 men. This makes 9 miniatures - a small regiment indeed.

It is just as well: painting yellow can be difficult, and yellow is the distinctive colour here. As usual, I added an epaulette to the officer to promote him to colonel, and I replaced the flag pole.

This regiment, together with the 12th, will wrap up the 2nd Brigade of the 13th Division. I have kept the smallest regiment for the end, this helps when motivation and stamina are getting lower :)

As I was preparing this miniatures, I also prepared the Brigade General stand. I converted an officer into an ADC: I am not entirely happy with the outcome: the right shoulder it slightly too high - hopefully no one will notice...

Now... to the paintbrushes!

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