Monday, 1 June 2015

13th Division, 1st Brigade

This is it, I completed the brigade command stand recently, so this wraps up the 1st Brigade of the 13th division! The Perry heavy cavalry commanders are all very richly dressed,  not so much the look of general I was after, but I shouldn't complain, the pose is really dynamic and eye catching!

I used a 75mm round base. Quite large, but looks good to me. The general is followed by a 4th Cuirassiers NCO.

 close up on the NCO:

with the actual brigade in the background...

and finally the full brigade!

This project is taking time, and I only managed to complete this brigade in 8 months... the 2nd brigade is yet to be done, but real life may well get in the way and slow me down a bit further! Nevermind, who said I was in a rush?