Tuesday, 2 June 2015

12th Cuirassier, part 1

Next is the 12th Cuirassier -  part of the second brigade. During the hundred days, it was 2 squadrons and 258 men strong. This makes 12 miniatures - still all Perry metals.

To add a bit of variety to the overall project, I will mix in some cuirassiers without the actual cuirasse. The 11th Cuirassier was known for its lack of cuirasses, so let's suppose the 12th was not fully equiped either!

The 12 miniatures have been prepared for painting (flash removed, horse legs untwisted, blades straightened) and you will notice my few modifications (flag pole, colonel 2nd epaulette made of green stuff).

Given how real life keeps me busy, and given the summer plans, this unit may not be completed until the Autumn!


  1. I'm struggling with your maths, is it two squadrons of c.160 troopers then?

    1. ah ah, my math is right, my typing is wrong. two squadrons totalling 258 (not 158). Still a small regiment!