Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Hello readers - wargamers, fellow miniatures painters, relatives or lost web users - and welcome to my blog.

My name is Blancard, and I paint wargame miniatures. More precisely, French Napoleonics. I paint slow. Very slow. To a reasonable standard, probably over the top for wargaming. After years of painting my miniatures haven't seen a gaming table yet (!) but my long term objective is to field some coherent formations at the local club sessions.

I intend to share my 28mm French Napoleonic miniatures painting with you here. There are some similar pages on the internet - I follow a few - and this will be my contribution to the community.

This is not my first attempt at blogging but I will hopefully be more successful at keeping it alive this time. Dedicating a blog to a particular project (as with my old blog) may help focusing for some time, but sooner or later we get bored of projects themselves and need to move on. This blog won't be dedicated to a particular military formation, instead it will follow my project of the day.


As a child I played with and later painted some Esci miniatures (1/72). Later I painted a few Games Workshop fantasy miniatures. Not so pointless as I learned to improve my painting skills.

More seriously, I started working on 28mm French Napoleonics back in 2008. So far I have painted:

- 1st battalion of 1st Old Guard Chasseurs, 1815 (painted in 2008)
- 1st battalion of 1st Young Guard Tirailleurs, 1805-1815 (painted in 2009)
- Old Guard Battery (painted in 2010)
- Guard Artillery Train, 1812-1815 (painted in 2010)
- 4th Hussard, 1812-1814 (painted in 2011)
- Generic battalion of light infantry, 1812-1814 (painted in 2012)
- Generic brigade of line infantry, 1812-1812 (painted in 2013-2014)

[pictures to follow!]


Presently, I am working on the 11th Division of Cavalry during the hundred days (1815). This consists in four regiments of cuirassiers organized into two brigades. This is quite a challenge, and most likely it will not be completed on time for the 200th anniversary of Waterloo! Let us see on this blog how far I can get into this cuirassiers project.

[plans and pictures to follow!]

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the development of these forces! I too started off with Esci, and then some GW, which helped with learning to paint as you say! Now happy with the Perry figures and related brands.