Tuesday, 2 December 2014

1st cuirassier, 1815, part one

And here are the first few shots of the 1st cuirassier regiment so far. They are based on packs FN59, FN60 and FN61 by Perry Miniatures.

Pack FN60 is single cast minis. In packs FN59 and FN61 horses and riders are separate. Flash was easy-ish to remove but I have to say, it took a some effort to unbend horse legs and swords. Compared to the plastic hussars horses are quite massive, which is what you want for heavy cavalry. Note that FN60 cuirassiers have bayonets.

I fully assemble miniatures prior to basing in black. I use single highlights and washes are limited to trouser creases, hands, face and some of the metal. After years of experimenting and little success at painting eyes, I find that they are better left out as long as the face is shaded!

So here is the result of the last 3 months work: 12 riders including the command. The trumpet has been represented in imperial (green) livery, which is not accurate for 1815. I always find it a bit sad to use royal uniforms on imperial units! Also I could use these minis for non 1815 games. The Eagle is missing: Perry's flag poles are quite short and flags by GMB (my preference) are rather large: I will need to order some separate pole (and Eagle?). Front Rank and Calpe poles/Eagles are possible alternatives.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

If I can maintain the speed by late Feb the regiment could be completed. Realistically I can hope to get the 1st Brigade done in time for June, but there is no chance the full Division will be. This blog will be a mean to remain me focused and motivated - so all comments are welcome!

And as stated earlier, I will also use this blog to show my painted collection so far. One thing I will need to improve on is taking photos!